13 Sweeping Shoe Trends for Fashion Sneakers

13 Sweeping Shoe Trends for Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers are so much more than just something to put on your feet when comfort is a key concern. These days, they're part of a special culture all their own that goes well beyond the crisp white athletic shoes most of us grew up with. In fact, it's not uncommon for a truly dedicated sneaker-head to put a massive amount of effort into figuring out which new pair of kicks is the most fashionable before putting their money down.

Every season brings with it a wealth of new sneaker options to get excited about, and this one is no exception, by any stretch of the imagination. Here, we'll take a closer look at some of the up and coming trends we can't wait to try on for size ourselves. Which ones are you planning on adding to your own wardrobe?

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Knit Sneakers

Knit SneakersIt goes without saying that there's a lot to love about sneakers. They go with just about everything, from maxi dresses to jeans, to skirts, and you simply can't beat them when it comes to comfort. However, a lot of fashion sneakers leave a lot to be desired when it comes to breathability.

Knit sneakers were this past summer's answer to that long-time issue, and they're showing no signs of going anywhere now that fall is here. Knit sneakers not only effortlessly combine the reliable support of a cross trainer with the casually cool look of a canvas shoe, but come in both lace-up and slip-on varieties. Perfect for the fairs, late-season festivals, and weekend getaways that are so popular this time of year!

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Colorful Chuck Taylors

If you're a long-time sneaker lover, then chances are excellent you have at least a couple of pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors in your closet right this minute. A classic of this caliber never goes out of style, of course, but this season will see trendsetters everywhere putting their Chucks front and center, again, in some exciting new ways.

Unique picks that think outside the box when it comes to color will be the most highly sought-after options. Think fun, flirty tones like shell pink, blue, or red! Seasonal shades will also be fantastic options to add to your ever-growing collection of trusty Chucks. This super-trendy Chuck in olive garnet is a perfect example of what we're talking about. Slip them on and rock them to perfection with everything from your favorite pair of cargo pants to your early season layered looks.

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Embroidered Sneakers

At this point, embellished footwear options of all kinds have been the rage for several seasons running, and we're happy to report we'll be seeing a lot more of them this season, as well. The charming look of embroidery is especially popular when it comes to fashion sneakers, so keep your eyes peeled!

Think cross-trainer-style sneakers embellished with girly floral designs in bright colors like red, kelly green, and buttercup, from top brands like Kenneth Cole. All-over designs like polka dots, stripes, and abstract patterns are also rising in popularity. Perfect for adding a little bit of flair to your go-to "hanging out with friends" look or using your tennies to express just a hint of your sparkling personality!

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Shimmery Metallics

Metallics on sneakers quoteHere we have another trend that's bound to sound familiar to those with their fingers on the pulse of the fashion world--mesmerizing metallics that add snap and visual interest to any outfit. Metallics have been red hot for the better part of the past year, and we'll be seeing them taking our favorite sneaker looks to the next level, and beyond, as we transition into fall.

Look for throwback sneaker styles in classic metallic tones like silver, gold, bronze, or copper. Shimmery iridescent versions of colors like rose, blue, or teal are also very much in style with the fashion crowd. Wear this season's trendy metallic sneakers with your favorite late summer and early fall neutrals to add punch and pizzazz to your current look or jazz up your go-to weekend workout ensemble in a uniquely subtle way.

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Ocean-Toned Cross Trainers

Haven't you heard? Fitness isn't just something you think about when it's time to hit the gym for your cardio class or a little lifting. It's an all-encompassing approach to a well-rounded lifestyle, in general, so people everywhere are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to get moving just a little more often. This mindset can be seen reflected in the way athletic wear is making its way into people's everyday wardrobes.

That said, cross trainers are more than just convenient ways to get the most out of a varied workout that covers all the bases. They're fashion staples in their own right, as well, and we couldn't be happier about it. This season, look for trainers in electric tones that can't help but remind you of serene days spent by the ocean. Think options like the Siren Edge from Merrell that feature shades like sea foam, aqua, teal, and royal blue, front and center!

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All-Black Kicks

We all have fond memories of stepping out in a perfectly pristine pair of white sneakers back in the day. Although a spotless pair of eggshell-white kicks never goes out of style, this season is all about going monochrome from the opposite end of the spectrum for a change.

All Black Sneakers

Take your favorite sneaker-centric looks to a more sophisticated place, this fall, with sleek, all-black options from top brands like Skechers. Wear yours with a classic pair of black leggings, black socks, and a quirky oversized sweater for a fantastic retro look. Not sure a blackout look is quite right for you? Look for alternatives that feature subtle but noteworthy touches like glitter-finished hardware or add a touch of color by swapping out the basic black laces for something more colorful.

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Sneaker Clogs

If you're one of the many people who think of late summer and early fall as the ideal times to travel, you're not alone. Perfect temperatures, diminished crowds, and great package deals on travel arrangements make this time of year the best time to enjoy a few last weekend getaways before the holidays arrive. Naturally, you need a shoe that covers all the bases.

This season, laceless sneaker clogs are the shoes to beat for fashionable people on the go. Smooth, streamlined designs mesh perfectly with a variety of different outfits and environments. Special features like comfort padded insoles, shock absorbent liners, and slip resistant soles ensure your feet are as comfortable as they are stylish, no matter what's on your travel agenda. Just slip them on and go! You'll look just as fantastic sightseeing or browsing art at the museum, once you get where you're going, as you will be killing time at the airport while you wait for your flight.

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Canvas Boat Shoes

If you thought the preppy look you're all too familiar with from your college years was your only option when it comes to boat shoes, it's time to think again. This season, one of the trendiest footwear options to own is a stylish and functional mash-up of the classic boat shoe you know and the canvas sneakers you love.

Canvas Boat Shoes

Look for offerings from top boat shoe manufacturers like Sperry that feature sneaker-like canvas uppers outfitted with the iconic rawhide laces of standard boat shoes. Platform bottoms combine with slip-proof rubber outsoles for a look that's equal parts practical and stylish. Perfect for wearing anywhere, from a neighborhood bonfire to a clambake on the beach, to an impromptu boat ride! Looking for something a little more eye-catching than canvas? Try a tennis shoe/boat shoe mash-up in metallic bronze or gold leather instead.

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Slip-On Sneakers

Womans black slip on sneakerAs you may be noticing, footwear that's capable of covering more than one base for busy people is all the rage right now. People are opting for cross-trainers appropriate for varied workouts instead of buying a separate pair of athletic shoes for each discipline. People expect their everyday shoes to be comfortable enough to work in all day, but fashionable enough to take them seamlessly into their evening dinner date without their having to go home and change.

Modern people expect something similar from their sneakers as well. As versatile as traditional lace-up sneakers are, they're still not quite as versatile as casual flats or loafers might be. That's where ultra-trendy slip-on sneaks from brands like Skechers come in. They feature all the support and comfort appeal you'd expect from a cross trainer but are sleek and seamless enough to wear with any casual outfit. Perfect for going straight from your morning workout at the gym to brunch with your friends or a quick trip to the mall for a coffee!

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Stunning Graphic Sneakers

Some of today's hottest street style looks don't just incorporate sneakers. They place them front and center with attention-getting colors and head-turning graphics that are nothing short of art in and of themselves. Splashy camouflage-inspired patterns, modern art-style color blocking, and elegant swirls are just a few examples we've seen and loved recently.

Graphic sneaks aren't just big deals in the world of adult footwear, either. Don't be surprised if the littlest members of your household start going on about how they absolutely need a pair of graphic high tops like the emoji-inspired Chat Time Multi from Skechers!

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Utility Sneakers

Utility sneakers quoteAs touched on above, a lot of the hottest casual footwear options to have this season are really mash-ups of two or more standard staples you already know and love (i.e., canvas sneaks intermarrying with boat shoes, clogs, or cross-trainers). The same logic applies to hyper-trendy utility sneakers from big names like Timberland.

Utility sneakers were originally designed to offer hard-working men and women a practical alternative to standard work boots and shoes. However, they're also making their way into a number of envy-worthy street looks, thanks to their unique designs and unbeatable approach to comfort.

Like many modern comfort work shoes, you can walk straight out of the factory where you punch a time clock to the local pub to hang out with friends without missing a beat when it comes to style!

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High-Top Sneakers

All-star athletic shoes like the high-top Converse you remember from years ago are back with a vengeance this season. However, this season's offerings are much sleeker and more streamlined than the high-tops of yesteryear.

Look for two-tone picks like this black Chuck Taylor. Smooth, supple black leather contrasts beautifully with Converse's iconic white soles. Wear them when you want to complete your weekend jeans-and-a-tee-shirt look in a seamless way or pair them with a blazer, a mock turtleneck, and a pair of sleek slacks for a fun night-on-the-town look. Looking for something a little more unique than classic black and white? Watch for similar styles that swap out the black for red, aqua, or blue.

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Walking Flats

Another current trend we're just loving is the rise of the comfort walking flat. Like sneaker clogs or slip-on sneakers, walking flats were designed for active people who need the superior support of a cross trainer or another athletic shoe, but who want something versatile enough to go with even their most stylish street looks.

Look for neutral tones like black, dove, or stone that go well with everything, from athleisure looks to fall dresses, to cropped pants. Features like high-rebound cushioning, advanced footbed technology, slip-resistant rubber outsoles, and ultra-lightweight construction make them perfect for living life on the go. Let them support your feet to perfection during your routine evening walks or slip them on to complete a stylish day look before meeting friends! These are shoes that are truly capable of doing it all.

Of course, these are just a handful of the exciting new styles you'll be seeing on the most fashionable pairs of feet this season when it comes to sneakers, athletic shoes, and casual everyday footwear. Which options have you most excited for fall?


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