4 Versatile Shoes Every Woman Needs

Shoe trends come and go, and while it is exciting to acquire fashionable footwear every season, you also need dependable basics for your everyday wardrobe. Luckily, there are options that are so versatile, they're seen as absolute essentials that every woman should have in her closet, no matter what her occupation or lifestyle.

The following options are footwear staples widely considered ideal for every season and a multitude of different looks. They're also classics that pretty much never go out of style, so they represent great style investments in your core wardrobe. Which ones are missing from your closet?

1. Classic Black Pumps

We're all very familiar with the concept of the little black dress--a fashion staple that's a wise choice for just about any occasion, from a day at the office to a special date night out on the town. The classic black pump is to footwear what the indispensable LBD is to the rest of your wardrobe.

Get maximum wear out of your pump of choice by opting for a comfortable option like the Sevyn from LifeStride. They are practical and comfortable, thanks to features like a traction outsole and cushioned insoles. They're also highly flexible from a fashion standpoint, thanks to gently pointed toes, a mid-length heel, and supple black leather. Pair them with anything from your favorite pair of skinny jeans to that power suit you wear to all your important meetings.

2. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots (or booties) are the type of footwear that seem like they'd be hard to wear at first glance. However, they're actually perfect for many occasions and incredibly comfortable. Booties can be worn pretty much all year long, thanks to their perfect height and style. They're also much more versatile than you might think if you've yet to make them part of your staple wardrobe.

Layer a stylish pair of chunky booties underneath a pair of slacks or flare jeans for a comfortably stylish all-weather look. Slip on a pair of sleek high-heeled booties in a pretty pattern or a bright color to add appeal and personality to a short dress or skirt. Booties come in so many styles, colors, and designs that there's an option out there for every occasion. Try them for yourself, and we promise you'll have a new favorite go-to footwear option!

Strappy Dress Shoes

3. Strappy Dress Shoes

It goes without saying that there are many reasons to love dressing up and going out. When it's time to dress for the occasion, there are few hard and fast rules you absolutely have to play by, no matter what. That leaves you free to be your most alluring, expressive self--and nothing lets your flirty side come out to play like the right pair of strappy dress shoes.

Strappy shoes quite simply never go out of style because they look fantastic with everything from a chic pantsuit to a super sexy little black cocktail dress. They're also the perfect excuse to show off a pretty pedicure, even during the colder months. How you style a strappy shoe is completely up to you. Go classic with a versatile black sandal or establish a new signature look with a shimmery pair of metallics like this silver pair from City Classified. It's all up to you!

4. Everyday Flats

Every busy modern woman needs a versatile pair of shoes that can transcend her professional and weekend wardrobe. Those shoes also need to be comfortable enough not to cramp her style when she's rushing from place to place.

However, they need to be fashionable enough to look appropriate no matter if she is haggling in the boardroom or attending a PTA meeting. That's why the right pair of everyday flats is an essential for every modern closet.

Classic options like ballet flats or loafers really do go with everything. A busy mom can wear them to go grocery shopping or to run errands during the day, as well as out to dinner with her husband or friends in the evening. However, a stylish fashion aficionado can pair these shoes with her favorite little black dress or super-trendy weekend outfit.

If you're new to flats, start with a classic neutral in black, gray, or taupe that will go with most of your wardrobe. Eventually, you can build out your collection with metallics, animal prints, and signature colors as well.

With a few pairs of versatile shoes, you can easily transition from the office to your favorite weekend activities. Explore our extensive footwear collection and find the ones that fit your lifestyle!


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