Summer Footwear for Kids: Spotlight on This Season's Best Options

Summer Footwear for Kids

Who says grown-ups are the only people wanting to beat the heat in style when the mercury rises in the summer? Even today's youngest kids are fashion-conscious, so you can rest assured that your little ones will be asking for footwear that's fully in step with the trends this summer.

Treat their growing feet to the best summer style this year with some of our favorite picks in children's summer footwear. They're not just stylish enough to please your kids' discriminating tastes. They're affordable, supportive, and practical enough to put a smile on parents' faces as well. Which ones have your attention?

1. Rugged "Go Anywhere" Sandals

Do your little one's love spending their summer vacations taking adventures? Does your family usually spend the warmer months camping, hiking, or exploring? You'll definitely want to treat your kids to a supportive hiking sandals this season. The same great brands you already love have exciting new lines that are just for kids.

Look for all-terrain options like the Hurricane III from Teva. Lightweight, fully adjustable designs ensure a perfect fit every time. Sturdy EVA midsoles guarantee superior support. Plus, Teva's trademark quality ensures these sandals are up for absolutely any adventure on your family's agenda this summer.

2. Pretty Metallic Sandals

Elegant, shimmery metallics aren't just all the rage for the lady of the house. Metal-inspired tones like silver, pewter, and bronze are the trending colors right now for little girls as well.

Look for footwear options from value-conscious brands like Rachel. Flexible outsoles and adjustable ankle straps ensure a perfect comfort fit for any set of feet. Cut-out floral designs and adorable touches like accent studs contribute to a look that's perfect for anything from a Sunday at church to a casual play date with friends.

Kids crocs

3. Crocs for Kids

Adults have been slipping into their favorite pair of Crocs every summer for years now, with good reason. Crocs are the perfect comfort footwear option for every activity, from a day spent beachcombing to a backyard barbecue with family. Their children's shoe line is certainly no exception.

Look for styles like the Crocs Swiftwater. Not only does the Swiftwater feature the same lightweight construction and comfortable fit you know and love in your own Crocs, but it's ideal for both water play and land activities. Just right for everything on your own little powerhouse's summer agenda!

4. Colorful Hybrid Shoes

If your kids seem to be into more different summer activities than you can even keep up with, you know that they need footwear options that are appropriate for just about any adventure. You'll also be happy to hear that hybrid shoes for children are one of the most popular trends of the season!

Hybrids come complete with features like polyester webbed uppers, secure fit laces, traction-centric rubber outsoles, and full adjustability. All-terrain construction coupled with street-worthy style means they work well as water shoes, casual footwear, or even everyday street shoes. Add a pair or two to your little one's wardrobe today and watch their face light right up!

Graphic High Tops

5. Graphic High Tops

Think back to when you were a kid. Do you remember how nothing made you feel on top of the world quite like a really colorful pair of sneakers? Cute, cheerful sneakers that feature lots of embellishments are very much in fashion for kids this season, so don't be surprised if your mini-me asks you for a pair of canvas high tops that feature every color in the rainbow.

Look for colorful graphic options like the Shuffles Chat Time from Skechers. Comfy canvas uppers feature emoji graphics, glittery overlays, and plenty of personality. Side zippers make it a snap to take this shoe on and off in a flash. Vulcanized rubber outsoles and adjustable lace-up closures ensure a comfortable, supportive fit every time. This kid-friendly pair of kicks even features colorful lights for an added dose of flair!

As you can see, summer fashion isn't just for grown-ups this year. Treat your little ones to the best in seasonal footwear with comfortable, supportive options and watch them step into summer with style!


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