The Best Shoes to Wear While Working From Home

The Best Shoes to Wear While Working From Home


With the outbreak of COVID-19 affecting and changing nearly every aspect of our daily lives, we are all learning to adapt and alter the way we do things- especially work. Many people have traded the office for the couch as working from home has become a normality with no end in sight.

 At, we know a thing or two about shoes. We sell work boots, nurses shoes (thank you to all of the healthcare workers,) athletic shoes, heels, sandals, and the list goes on. One trend we have noticed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus is comfort shoes. Professionals everywhere have traded in their dress shoes for something more comfortable and casual, shoes that are easy to take on and off, but also look good, too.

When you think of comfortable house shoes, you automatically think of your grandpa’s worn out slippers or the pink, ever so creepy bunny slippers from A Christmas Story that you watch every year with your family.

At, we have something a little more… stylish in mind. While we carry a plethora of comfortable and trendy brands to get the job done from home, we have seen a surge in popularity for three brands: Hey Dude, Crocs, and Lamo. Keep reading to see why these three brands made the cut…


Hey Dude Shoes came onto the scene in Italy in 2008. Fast forward to today and they are one of the top selling shoe brands on the internet. Their flagship styles- Hey Dude Wally (men’s) and Hey Dude Wendy (women’s) have exploded on to the comfort shoe scene and have become a favorite for kids, athletes, parents working from home, and the list goes on. Hey Dude shoes aren’t just great for working from home, they’re great for running to the store, going out on the boat, and they’re perfect for slipping on and off in the airport security line.

Hey Dude Shoes are known for their lightweight and breathable slip-on designs. Another great feature of Hey Dude Shoes is that they are extremely easy to wash. So, how do you wash your Hey Dudes? Simply remove the laces and insoles, add liquid detergent, wash on a delicate cycle, and let them air dry- voilà your favorite go-to shoe is as good as new.

While Hey Dude offers many different styles, we have seen the Sox, Stretch, Micro, Chambray take the lead as the most popular. Can’t pick just one? Hey Dudes range in price for adults from $54.95 to $59.95, so go ahead, grab a few pairs.


Some of Our Favorite Hey Dudes






We know you already ordered a pair of Hey Dudes for the whole family, so here’s another brand to add to your work-from-home footwear arsenal. A brand that needs no introduction…


Crocs Shoes shoes have been around since 2002, when they were first introduced as a footwear solution for boaters, but their practical foam shoes and Crocs slip-on clogs have since exploded in popularity with men, women, and kids.

With over 600 MILLION pairs already sold in over 90 countries, Crocs knows a thing or two about functionality, style and comfort. Today, “the most delightfully comfortable shoes in the world” are not only worn by those who love the easygoing style and comfort the shoes have to offer, but they’re also preferred by hard-working professionals who spend much of their day on their feet, like those in the healthcare and hospitality fields.

Slip on any pair of Crocs and you’re ready to go. Heading to fire up the grill? Crocs. Taking the dog on a walk? Crocs. Want to go play in the mud with your kids? Crocs. Get them dirty? With their lightweight all foam design, just throw them in the washing machine, sink, bathtub, or even hose them off and let air dry for that like-new Crocs look.

A great thing about Crocs is that most of their clogs are unisex, so your color and style options are almost doubled. So, go ahead, take a look, grab some Crocs, and go.


Some of Our Favorite Crocs






But wait, there’s one more…


At-home teleconferencing is about to get a lot more comfortable with your new assistant, LAMO. Lamo has grown from its humble beginnings in 1955 into a leading California comfort footwear company, offering a wide range of products that meet all of your footwear needs. A strong California influence is evident in the look and feel of Lamo boots for women, which are often worn year-round in the warm-by-day, and cool-by-night climates near the shore. From moccasins, to sandals, to house shoes, to classic sheepskin Lamo men's slippers and women, LAMO promises that every step taken will be done in comfort- California style, where being cozy is a lifestyle.

LAMO’s bring you comfort and style without hitting you with a high price point like many of their competitors. The moccasins are perfect for at home wear in any climate. Most LAMO products are pre-treated with Splash Secure, a water resistant treatment, so if they get a little wet, it’s no big deal. So whether you’re kicking back in your home office, dancing around the kitchen trying not to lose your mind to cabin-fever, or cuddled up on the couch, LAMOs are the perfect companion.


Some of our Favorite LAMOs






Now that you have been acquainted with these three incredible brands, and undoubtably bought at least one pair at, get back to work and keep crushing it. You’re the CEO of your home office and with one of these pairs of shoes on your feet, you’ll feel like it too.


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