What Are Oxford Dress Shoes

cole haan wingtip style mens shoe

Oxford shoes originated in Scotland and Ireland. Made from strong and durable leather, these shoes usually had enclosed lacing and sat just below the ankle. When Oxford shoes were first made they were very plain with little or no decoration. Today you can find Oxford shoes made from a variety of materials such as leather, suede and synthetics and in a variety of styles - both in men's and women's shoes. While Oxford shoes are typically classified as dress shoes, they are available in less formal styles, and can be worn with jeans or casual slacks and skirts.

There are five types of Oxford shoes available for men; Kilties, Saddle, Wingtip, Open Laced and Closed Laced. Kiltie Oxfords are usually rather ornate in design. They slip on to the foot with ease and usually have a tassel attached to the tongue of the shoe. Kilties look great with nice shorts, dress pants. Saddle Oxfords are easy to pick out; they have a piece of leather, in the shape of a saddle, sewn on to the front of the shoe. Often, this piece of leather is a different color than the rest of the shoe. One of the more popular types of Oxford shoes are the Wingtips. These are definitely a great choice for men who are looking for stylish business shoes. Wingtip Oxfords feature an extra piece of leather sewn onto the toe and front of the shoe in a shape that resembles wings.

Open Laced Oxfords appear as though they are made from three pieces of leather - one on each side and one down the middle, whereas Closed Laced Oxfords, sometimes referred to as Balmorals, appear as though they are made from one piece of leather.

For many, many generations, Oxford shoes have remained a constant, fashionable and practical shoes.


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