How to buy shoes for children

buying children's shoes

If you have children, you probably know that shopping for, and choosing shoes for your children can be a daunting task. Many young children don’t like shopping for shoes, unless of course the shoes you are buying have their favorite cartoon character on the side or flashy lights in the sole. Young kids, especially those under five, may also have a hard time communicating with you about the comfort and fit of the shoe. It is important that you choose a shoe that fits your child’s foot correctly. Not only will this ensure that he/she is comfortable, but it will also protect your child’s foot from injury.


When shopping for children’s footwear there are several things you should keep in mind. Kids grow quickly, so make sure the shoe you choose has a little room left at the toe. Be sure, though, that there is not too much room, because if your child’s foot is able to slide around, it can lead to injury. An easy way to tell if a shoe is too big for your child’s foot is by asking him or her to walk around. If the shoe is slipping off at the heel or the foot is moving around too freely, then the shoe is too big. Children are usually very quick to tell us when something hurts. If a shoe is much too small, your child will most likely tell you that it hurts when he or she walks around. Another great way to make sure a shoe fits properly is to ask your child to stand up straight and press down on the toe of the shoe. You will be able to tell how much room there is between the tip of the big toe and the shoe. You may also want to feel how tight or loose the shoe feels around your child’s foot.


We all know that kids are often very clever at working out ways to get what they want! You should therefore, never underestimate the lengths they will go to get the pair of shoes they want – even if they are not the best fit. Be aware of this. If your child really wants a pair of shoes just because they look ‘cool,’ take extra precautions in ensuring they do indeed fit correctly.


If your children are anything like mine, they really wear their shoes out quickly. Thankfully, many manufacturers offer guarantees on parts of their shoes – usually the sole. While these shoes can sometimes be a little more expensive than others, they may be worth your investment. If a certain part of the shoe is faulty or comes apart, you can have them replaced. Remember, when you find a particular shoe that provides good, strong support, and is a style that your child likes, you can always buy two pairs. Some retailers offer discounts on buying pairs of shoes in twos. If your child is going through a growth spurt, you should probably buy the second pair of shoes in a larger size.


Shopping for children’s shoes just got a whole lot easier!


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