Find Your Perfect Hiking Boot

For those of you who enjoy hiking, finding the right pair of boots for your journeys can be very challenging. Eventually every sole of every boot will wear thin, the stitching will come undone and even the best of leathers on the most reliable boots will crack and need to be replaced. Hiking boots are all replaceable, however your feet are with you for life, so take care of them while you can by wearing the right boot for your hiking experiences. When shopping for hiking boots some important things to consider are boot material, the exterior sole, shank and the cuff of the shoe. The best materials for hiking boots are breathable water resistant/waterproof fabrics or leather. Fabrics that tear easily or that are not water resistant/waterproof should be avoided. Leather boots are great because of their durability and they protect your feet for longer periods of time. The exterior sole of a boot should bend slightly and flex naturally. The men's and women's Keen Koven WP are hiking boots with a mulit- directional exterior sole that is the perfect boot for rugged rocky trails and rugged terrain. This boot is comfortable, durable and will protect your feet on any hiking trip. Also, the tread on the Keen Koven WP gives you good traction but won't retain mud and rocks which cause buildup and add weight to the shoe. The shanks of a boot are thick inserts sandwiched between a boots midsole and outsole and add load-bearing stiffness to the midsole. Most shanks are made of lightweight nylon or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Shanks vary in size; some cover the entire length of the boot. The best way to test the shank of the shoe is by bending your foot in half. If the shoe doesn't bend much or it only bends at a certain spot, that is how long the shank is. The cuffs of hiking boots are the sections of fabric that fit around the ankle. The most important thing to look for in a cuff is that it doesn't rub your ankle. If the cuff is too tight or too lose, it can rub up and down causing friction and ultimately cause your ankles and feet pain.

Some good brands to consider when shopping for hiking boots are Keen Boots, Merrell hiking boots and Anuh. Each of these brands offer many different styles and colors of hiking boots for both men and women. Merrell's Moab Ventilator is a great hiking boot available for both men and women and is perfect for various types of hiking trails. Check out Keen's Koven hiking boots and the Targhee II boots. Both style of boots are also available for men and women and are versatile, comfortable and durable hiking boots.

When shopping for hiking boots all of these factors should be taken into consideration in order to to help best choose the right boot for your feet. Also keep in mind what type of hiking you will be doing and get a boot that meets your hiking trail needs. Check out Houser Shoes great selection of men's and women's hiking boots and find the perfect pair of boots for you today.




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