American Icon: Why We Love Converse Shoes

womens converse shoes haging out of car window

Also sometimes known simply as Chuck Taylors (or Chucks), Converse sneakers are so much more than just a popular shoe brand. At this point, they've successfully crossed the border into icon territory, and that's been the case for some time. In fact, millions of Americans would have a hard time considering their closets complete without at least one pair of Converse.

But, what is it about Converse that makes it such a huge part of so many lives? Let's take a closer look at just a few of the reasons we love them. Try a pair on for yourself, and we're positive you'll love them too.

1. Versatility

It's a common misconception that sneakers only go well with jeans, shorts, or other ultra-casual options. One of today's hottest looks combines the effortlessly cool vibe of sneakers or tennis shoes with more sophisticated items like dresses or suits. Converse, in particular, goes with practically everything under the sun.

Use yours to add colorful flair and personality to your favorite weekend looks. Wear them with blazers and skirts for a charming dash of quirk. Plus, Converse come in an entire rainbow of different colors, so there's a lot of room for creativity as far as how you put together your look.

2. History

There are popular shoe brands, and then there are shoe legends. Converse is the latter, thanks to its long history and constant presence in pop culture. In fact, Converse has been around since 1908--and very little about the shoe has changed since then.

Plus, Chucks are a huge part of our nation's style culture. You'll see Ellen DeGeneres rocking a pair on her show one day and Beyonce wearing hers to explore New York City the next. Stepping out in your own favorite pair makes you part of an iconic tradition that includes these people, not to mention many more.

Couple with converse shoes on

3. Affordability

Most of us are used to the most stylish, fashionable shoes also being prohibitively expensive. This is far from the case with Converse. In fact, you can snag this awesome pair of pink Chuck Taylors for well under $100. In other words, they fit comfortably into even modest budgets, which is exactly how it should be when you're talking about an all-American shoe.

You get the best bang for your buck when you go with Converse. Think features like durable construction, high-traction outsoles, and streamlined designs that feel every bit as good as they look.

4. Personal Expression

Chucks aren't just fashionable shoes you can wear just about anywhere. They're also shoes that allow for a lot of personal expression. You can customize your Chuck-centric look as much as you like. Mix and match colors to create unique vibes for events like tailgate parties, baseball games, and more!

Can't quite find the right shade, pattern, or style for an outfit you're putting together? Converse will even let you put yourself in the designer's seat and create your own pair. How's that for fashion that suits your unique personality?

green and black converse shoes

5. Comfort

We all have a favorite pair of jeans that just seems to get better with age. The more you wear them, the better they look. They just keep getting softer and more comfortable as well. Normally, this wouldn't be the case with a shoe, but that's not so when the shoe in question is by Converse.

Converse sneakers like this classic black Chuck naturally look fantastic when they're brand new. However, they also age like a fine wine. They're the type of shoe you can collect and keep around, as opposed to replacing when they begin to show a little wear and tear.

6. Practicality

If you're like most, you're into Chucks because they're comfortable and stylish. However, it's also worth noting what practical choices they are, as well. Because of their sheer versatility, they make a great shoe to travel with. You can wear them en route to your destination, no matter how you're traveling, or stuff them into your suitcase with ease. Then, once you arrive, you can wear those Chucks with everything.

These are also shoes that require minimal care in order to look good. Of course, you can spot-clean your Chucks, if you prefer, but you can also simply toss them into the washing machine on low when they get a little too dirty for your taste. In other words, Converse sneakers are one of the only shoe options out there that cover all the bases. Make them part of your lifestyle today!


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