By:  Tiffini Taylor

The hottest color of the autumn season is cobalt blue!  Or at least that is according to the fashion magazines, newspapers, fashion runway shows, a couple of designers, and the Internet.

So, what about all the other colors of autumn?  That is what I am here for, I enjoy fall. Fall can be a wonderful time of the year for enjoying the beauty of the outside world. Many different colors and color combinations come from the beauty of nature. Fall is the best time to go and explore all colors, not just the one that the so-called fashion experts say too.  I am not saying that it is wrong to have a most popular color each season, all I am suggesting is not to forget about the other colors.

Let’s begin our journey today with what to wear when going to one of many exciting fall festivals. Ankle boots have come in with a big bang since last season. An assortment of styles and colors are available at Houser Shoes. A lovely pair of suede ankle boots, such as Clark’s of England in women’s desert oak, will sure to please a nice cardigan set with slacks. A lovely afternoon look to walk through an arts and crafts fall festival in. Another great look for a fall festival is a pair of grey jeans, a button-up blouse, and the shoe wear should be bold, try French Kiss women’s Tiffany orange, or another color. Change the button-up blouse for a sweater and you will be warm all through the winter months too. The ankle boot can carry throughout winter, so you will get plenty of wear out of them.

Cowboy boots are hot, hot,  hot this fall! Find a Fall barn dance and get your groove on. A jean skirt, a checkered blouse, paired with colorful cowboy boots will make a great fall party outfit. Houser shoes has brands such as  Laredo, Justin’s, Bare Traps, Ariat, Dan Post, and Old West cowboy boots in basic, classic and colorful styles. Jeans, a white t-shirt and a jacket with fringe, paired with a pair of Old West cowboy boots will make any fall festival outing a fun time. Cowboy boots come in one solid color or get a little funky with a multi-colored pair, which makes them an awesome choice for this fall. Another plus for cowboy boots is that they can be carried over into the winter season also.

Fall means the changing of the foliage and so why not take advantage of the colors that nature provides. Fall is the beginning of the big holiday season and ending of summer. Fall is meant to be a changing into one wardrobe season from another wardrobe season, remember that color is important. Color can make your day brighter during a rainfall or cloudy day. Wearing colorful shoes is a way to show your personality and can make your mood better. Go out this fall and have fun!


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