Houser Shoes is known for having a large selection of quality shoes in all different styles, which includes athletic footwear for men and women.. Everyone needs a good, durable and quality pair of athletic footwear at some point, Houser Shoes will have what you need. If you are going to school, university or just needing athletic footwear to exercise in, Houser Shoes is the place to look.  Athletic shoes are not only for athletes and have become a fashion style for all. Athletic shoes can come in any color and style that you desire to help let your personality shine through. One brand that is hip and stylish in athletic footwear is Adidas.

Adidas brand is just one of the many athletic shoe brands at Houser Shoes. Adidas began in the year 1948 in Germany. It is a shoe brand with a long history of durability and quality. During the middle to latter part of the 1980s, Adidas came back in athletic shoes with a big bang. It was made popular again by Run D.M.C.  they were a rap group that wore Adidas shoes in music videos. Since then, the momentum has continued with Adidas.  Adidas has made different style statements in street fashion and on fashion runways for years, and will continue in years to come.

There are many different fashionable colors of Adidas to choose from at Houser Shoes. Adidas has combined different color combinations in the making of their athletic shoes to go with many different styles and personalities. Houser Shoes will have the Adidas in the styles that fit in with your personality. From a classic and basic black and white color combination to a vibrant red and black combination, Adidas has the color of you.  Adidas is a comfortable athletic shoe that is a great everyday fashion for all. Adidas can help bring that track suit out of the gym and onto the sidewalk and park with ease. If you enjoy shopping, a great comfortable shoe is important on long trips to shops and Adidas is great for walking.

With Autumn in full swing now, many of us will be going to all different kinds of Fall Festivities. A good shoe to walk in is a must-have for the outings. Pair a basic pair of Adidas in black and white with jeans, a white t-shirt, a black cardigan , put on a lovely statement necklace and grab and where a black and white striped fedora as you are heading out to the fun Fall Festival. A simple look but will sure to bring out your personality. A basic idea for a great Fall outfit for any casual occasion is jeans, preferably in a dark wash, a t-shirt and a cardigan in any color , and a great colorful pair of colorful Adidas will let your personality shine.  Enjoy the comfort, colors, and quality of Adidas at Houser Shoes.


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