Brand We Love: Carhartt

When you picture workwear that is sturdy, functional and good-looking, you probably immediately think of Carhartt, and with good reason. Carhartt has been leading the pack when it comes to clothing for hard-working men and women since the brand was first established in 1889.

This time-honored brand isn't showing any signs of slowing down, either. Today the brand produces a wide range of jackets, hats, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Let's take a closer look at what makes Carhartt such a dependable and beloved brand.

Amazing Durability

Carhartt merchandise is well known for a lot of fantastic things, but durability is definitely at the top of the list. When Carhartt was first established, its apparel - including their original overalls - was designed with the rigors of the rail industry in mind. It had to be much sturdier than any other type of clothing, and Carhartt delivered in a big way.

Although a lot has changed since 1889, the need for tough clothing suitable for hard-working people certainly hasn't. Harsh environments, rigorous labor, and a growing variety of rough conditions demand the kind of reliability Carhartt has always brought to the table.

Image courtesy of Carhartt

Unparalleled Integrity

Carhartt is well aware that their average customer needs to know they can count on their clothing to stand up to any challenge. That's exactly why they thoroughly field test their existing and potential products on real people living real lives with their Carhartt Groundbreakers program.

Qualified participants in the program are hard-working folks that are part of the brand's target demographic. Each provides Carhartt with valuable feedback on products like jackets, hats, accessories, and more that allow the company to plan and improve their entire line. Carhartt also stands behind each and every one of the products they produce with an ironclad warranty that covers manufacturing defects of all kinds, so customers know they're dealing with a brand they can trust.

Phenomenal Value

Carhartt is also well-known for providing their customers with an incredible value for the money they pay. Thanks to rigorous testing, flawless quality control, and use of only the very best materials, Carhartt products are built to last, and then some. If you invest in a Carhartt jacket, pair of gloves, or set of coveralls, you won't need to replace it for a long time to come, even if you do work (or play) under harsh conditions. Instead of a shirt lasting only a few months, you'll have one that lasts for years, instead.

Carhartt is incredibly safe, to boot. This is clothing that can survive extreme temperatures, stand up to heavy use, and resist even the worst abuse. Whether you're looking for a coat that can keep you warm while you work in a butcher's freezer or a vest that will keep you visible during a night construction job, Carhartt totally has you covered.

Totally Fashionable

Carhartt products aren't just functional, either. Their streamlined designs, superior craftsmanship, and solid good looks make them fashionable as well. This is especially the case when it comes to winter wear and other types of cold weather clothing.

People like knowing that their favorite quilted Carhartt jacket will be with them year, after year, after year because of how well it's made. They also like being able to rest assured in the knowledge that they've got clothing capable of looking great even in truly nasty weather. No wonder Carhartt is the go-to brand for people who love to camp, hike, and work with their hands all year round!

Things You Might Not Know About Carhartt

Like most iconic brands, Carhartt's made its mark on popular culture, as well. Did you know the following informational tidbits about your favorite all-weather brand?

  • Multiple main characters in the blockbuster Matthew McConaughey film Interstellar wear Carhartt jackets.

  • The NCIS character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is a big fan of Carhartt, as well. The character has sported many different items, including Carhartt shirts, hats, and jackets.



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