Women's Asics, Chuck Taylor's and Apparel Create that Must-Have Athletic Look for Fall

If your ideal way to spend a typical fall day involves a morning jog, an afternoon spent at the gym, or a nice long hike on your favorite trail, then you're in excellent company. People these days see fitness as a fun lifestyle, an enjoyable part of any full life.

Even so, loving fitness is one thing. Finding fitness looks that are as wearable and attractive as they are functional is a completely different challenge. Here we'll take a closer look at what's hot in athletic looks this fall, the better to help you find the perfect ensemble for your fabulously fit fall.

The Benefits of Finding the Right Athletic Look

While it might be tempting to simply assume that it doesn't matter what you wear to the gym or to go running, there are quite a few benefits to giving some real thought to your go-to athletic look. Let us count the ways:

Boost Confidence

You already know what a major confidence booster the right outfit can be when it comes to any other area of your life. Wearing athletic attire that you look and feel awesome in boosts your confidence in the gym as well. People who like what they wear to work out tend to work out harder and longer, as well as enjoy their workouts more.

Improve Performance

Athletic wear that represents the correct choice for what you're doing can help you get more out of your workouts. Take your morning run, for instance. A breathable shirt designed to wick moisture away from your body will be a lot more comfortable to run in than anything else. You'll be less likely to overheat or become uncomfortable and will perform better as a result. Your choice in footwear is even more important.

You wouldn't dream of wearing "just anything" to the office or to go out with your friends. It only makes sense to see what you wear to the gym in the same light, right?

What's Hot in Athletic Looks This Fall

This fall's hottest athletic looks aren't just functional. They're fabulous as well. The following are just a few of the trends you'll want to keep an eye on and add to your closet this season:

Baseball Tees

There's athletic wear, and then there's athletic wear that can take you from your activity of choice straight through the rest of your day. Baseball tees made from breathable, comfortable cotton are perfect for playing softball or baseball in. However, they're good looking enough to wear with jeans or as part of other casual looks. Just check out this adorable baseball tee from Lovely Souls.

Primary Colors

While neutrals like black, white, or gray will always be top choices when it comes to athletic wear, this fall will see more people embracing bright primary colors with open arms. This is the case in regards to everything from tennis shoes like these women's Chuck Taylors in bright, cheerful red, and multicolored Asics to hoodies like this juicy men's hoodie from North Face. Choose a few key pieces and mix with your black staples to create brilliant pops of color that will have you turning heads for sure.

Athletic Slip-On Shoes

Speaking of athletic wear that does great double duty as an everyday wear item, athletic slip-ons like this women's slip-on walker from Skechers are all the rage as well. Such alternatives to standard athletic shoes aren't just a great pick for fitness walks or aerobics class. They're just right for active dates, long days running errands, and even working on your feet.

Of course, these are just a few of the many fun, vibrant athletic looks that you'll be seeing more and more of this season. Browse our extensive selection of fitness wear, shoes, and accessories for even more great ideas on how to jazz up your athletic wardrobe this fall.


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