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What is the APMA seal of Approved/Accepted?

When you are shopping online or at a shoe store, you are bound to see some shoes that say "APMA Seal of Approval." But what exactly does the American Podiatric Medial Association "Approved" or "Accepted" seal really mean?

Fortunately, this famous seal is not just some sales gimmick or false assurance. The American Podiatric Medical Association (or APMA) Program was developed to assist podiatrists in recommending footwear and to provide an informative service to the consumer general public. To gain the seal of "Accepted" or "Approved" a product is evaluated by the Podiatric Seals Committee as to whether the product promoted "good foot health and/or normal foot function." This evidence is established by either clinical laboratory tests or by the product meeting certain guidelines put forth by the committee. It is so thorough that each committee member conducts specific scientific evaluation on every product that is submitted for approval.

Next time you see certain Dansko brand footwear or Dockers footwear with this identifiable stamp, you know that it has been scrutinized and researched to make sure that it will benefit you!

Information taken from apma.org. Visit their website for further information on guidelines, products evaluated, and details on the process.
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