Clog Shoes: a popular trend in shoes this Fall and Winter

Clog shoes are no longer exclusive to the hard wooden shoes normally associated with the Dutch. Clogs have been around for centuries and their name and style are recognized worldwide. In the fashion world, the popularity of the clog changes frequently depending on the latest fashion trends. These shoes are best known for their comfort and were not considered as fashion forward shoes with style until the 1970's. Clogs were a huge hit in the 70's and became fun stylish shoes worn by both men and women. The wooden soles of the clog shoes still exist today but because people want more comfortable shoes, the soles are now being made with various other materials that have improved how the shoe feels. With the increased comfort and more fashionable appearance of clogs, they are now one of the most popular style shoes available. Today clogs are being worn by men, women and children of all ages in an array of different styles and colors.

The clog style of shoe has established itself as one of the better shoe style options for people who are on their feet for extended periods of time. Clogs are popular among many different professions because they have a work appropriate appearance but more importantly, they provide the necessary support and comfort that people are looking for. Clogs are not limited to just the professional world. This style of shoe has been a major fashion trend seen many times throughout the years and people are now wearing them everywhere. Designers have put their own unique spin on clog shoes and their different styles and colors make them more versatile and fun to wear.

Dansko clogs are very popular. Dansko's Professional line of clogs are great for any working environment because they are super comfortable and they have that a professional and stylish appearance that people are looking for. The Dankso Professional clog is the most basic style of clog, but if you're interested in a fun clog shoe with more personality, Dansko's Trista in black or cognac or the Dansko Women's Brenna style are both great choices.

Another great brand of clog shoes for women is b.o.c by Born. The b.o.c. Peggy is a popular style that comes in a variety of colors and unique patterns. If you're looking for a clog to wear with jeans, khaki pants or dress pants, the women's b.o.c. Peggy clog in tooled navy, the Peggy black clog or the Peggy brown clog is the perfect shoe. Also, the women's b.o.c. Karley clog in black or brown is great to wear with any style of jeans.

Dansko clogs for women and b.o.c. by Born clogs for women are both available at Houser Shoes. Check out our website today to find a clog shoe that's great for you.


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