Why Women Love Bernie Mev Shoes

When Bernie Mev teamed up with Itamar Carmi in the Bronx they soon produced unique shoes in accordance with their shared high standards of excellence. Now, Bernie Mev shoes are the perfect blend of style and comfort. Their Euro comfort technology with hand-woven elastic fabric and memory foam footbeds create a shoe so lightweight you may forget you have them on. These days, Bernie Mev footwear is taking the shoe industry by storm with its unique designs and extremely comfortable shoes. Itamar and his wife personally choose all of the fabrics and design all of the patterns. The rest of the recipe includes a hands-on management style, a great office staff, and a crackerjack team of sales associates. Bernie Mev shoes come in innovative color combinations and a wide array of styles from platform wedges to ballerina flats Every woman needs a pair of Mevs in her closet!


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